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The Career Development Centre (CDC) works to empower students and alumni with the skills, tools and resources they need to achieve their career goals. Through advising, coaching and programming, we support students and alumni in their journey to develop the confidence, adaptability, and resiliency that will enable them to effectively articulate their strengths and navigate their careers throughout their lifetime.

Whether you are looking for a job to pay your bills, a volunteer experience to develop your skills or hoping to make the first step onto the career ladder, the CDC is here to help you. Capilano University students and alumni should connect with the CDC to:

  • Explore and identify your strengths
  • Learn about your career options
  • Get insight into the labour market
  • Understand employer expectations
  • Discuss successful job search techniques
  • Find out how to impress potential employers with a professional social media presence
  • Receive advice on crafting an effective resume and cover letter
  • Calm nerves by practicing interview techniques and strategies before the big day
  • Connect with employers through our online job board and events

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