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Program name Program credential
2D Animation & Visual Development
Advanced Diploma
3D Animation for Film and Games
Accounting Assistant
Certificate Diploma
Acting for Stage and Screen
Advanced Arts & Entertainment Management
Advanced Business Administration
Animation Fundamentals
Applied Behaviour Analysis (Autism)
Post Baccalaureate Certificate Post Baccalaureate Diploma Bachelor
Applied Science: Engineering
Arts - Creative Writing
Associate Degree
Arts - English
Associate Degree
Arts - Psychology
Associate Degree
Arts and Entertainment Management
Arts with a major in Liberal Studies
Business Administration
Bachelor Certificate Diploma Pathway
College and University Preparation
Communication Studies
Bachelor Diploma
Community Capacity Building
Conducting in Music
Costuming for Stage and Screen
Design in Visual Communication
Digital Visual Effects
Early Childhood Care and Education
Bachelor Diploma Pathway Post Baccalaureate Diploma
Education and Employment Access
Education Assistant
Engineering Transition
Grip Work for Digital Imaging and Film
Health Care Assistant
Hotel and Resort Management
Post Baccalaureate Diploma
Human Kinetics Diploma - Exercise Science
Human Kinetics Diploma - Physical Education
Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking
International Management
Graduate Certificate Graduate Diploma
Jazz Studies
Legal Administrative Assistant
Legal Studies (Paralegal)
Lil'wat Nation Language & Culture
Local Government Administration
Advanced Certificate Certificate Diploma
Local Government Leadership Development
Motion Picture Arts
Music - Music Therapy Course Stream
Music in Jazz Studies - Education
Music in Jazz Studies - Performance/Composition
Music Therapy
Musical Theatre
North American and International Management
Graduate Diploma
North American Business Management
Post Baccalaureate Diploma Post Baccalaureate Diploma
Outdoor Recreation Management
Certificate Diploma
Performing Arts
Rehabilitation Assistant
Retail Business Fundamentals
Science - Biology
Associate Degree
Sechelt Nation Language and Culture
Squamish Nation Language and Culture
Technical Theatre
Tourism Management
Tourism Management Co-operative Education
Tourism Management for International Students
Tourism Marketing
Tourism Marketing and Development
Post Baccalaureate Diploma
University One for Aboriginal Learners

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CMNS 112 Intro Communication Studies
CMNS 115 Communications for Animation
CMNS 131 Business Writing for Doc
CMNS 132 Explorations in Mass Media
CMNS 133 Business Writing for VFX
CMNS 152 Business Communications Basics
CMNS 154 Cmns In O.Recreation & Tourism
CMNS 159 Communications for Legal Admin
CMNS 164 Adv CMNS Tourism Management
CMNS 174 Wilderness Leadership Cmns
CMNS 185 Public Speaking
CMNS 190 Article Writing
CMNS 209 History of Media
CMNS 220 Adv Business Writing & Editing
CMNS 222 Communication and Ideology
CMNS 223 Cmns in Design & Art Direction
CMNS 231 Cultural Industries in Canada
CMNS 235 Understanding News
CMNS 236 Understanding Television
CMNS 241 Software for Magazines
CMNS 250 Intro to Technical Writing
CMNS 253 Society and Digital Media
CMNS 255 Interpersonal Communication
CMNS 260 Communication Research
CMNS 261 Interpreting CMNS Documents
CMNS 262 Communications Research
CMNS 270 Visual Communication
CMNS 285 Advanced Presentation Skills
CMNS 295 The Culture of Advertising
CMNS 305 Advanced Int'l Interactions I
CMNS 322 Videogame Culture
CMNS 330 Communication Ethics
CMNS 331 Communication Policy and Law
CMNS 333 Conflict and Communication
CMNS 351 Editing for Popular Media
CMNS 352 Organizational Communication
CMNS 353 Technology and Everyday Life
CMNS 354 Adv Cmns for Tourism Mgmt
CMNS 355 Intercultural Communication
CMNS 360 Corporate Communications
CMNS 370 Photography as Communication
CMNS 371 Design for Magazines
CMNS 380 Applied Cultural Criticism
CMNS 390 Publishing for the 21 Century
CMNS 395 Public and Media Relations
CMNS 400 Magazine Internship
CMNS 412 Special Topics in CMNS
CMNS 431 Project Group in CMNS Policy
CMNS 433 Project Group in Crisis CMNS
CMNS 453 Project Group in New Media
CMNS 462 Adv. Communication Research
CMNS 490 Project Group in Publishing
CMNS 495 Media Campaigns
CMNS 498 Communication Internship
CMNS 499 Undergraduate Thesis
ENGL 010 Language Skills
ENGL 100 Academic Writing Strategies
ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 107 First Nations Writing & Film
ENGL 109 Issues in Contemporary Culture
ENGL 190 Creative Writing
ENGL 191 Creative Writing
ENGL 200 English Literature to 1660
ENGL 201 English Literature Since 1660
ENGL 203 Canadian Lit: Modernism&Beyond
ENGL 205 Modern American Literature
ENGL 207 Literary Theory and Criticism
ENGL 208 Studies in Fiction
ENGL 213 Readings in World Literature
ENGL 217 Literature on the Edge
ENGL 218 Children's Literature
ENGL 219 Literature into Film
ENGL 290 Creative Writing - Poetry
ENGL 291 Creative Writing - Fiction
ENGL 292 Writing Children's Literature
ENGL 293 Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 295 Special Topics
ENGL 296 Writing for the Stage
ENGL 300 Advanced Academic Writing
ENGL 301 Studies in Rhetoric
ENGL 302 Studies in BC Literature
ENGL 305 Studies in Canadian Literature
ENGL 308 Studies in British Literature
ENGL 311 Studies in American Literature
ENGL 314 Studies in National Literature
ENGL 317 Traditions in Western Lit
ENGL 320 World Lit in Translation
ENGL 323 Studies in Genre
ENGL 326 Traditions in Poetry
ENGL 329 Literature and Performance
ENGL 332 Literature and Society
ENGL 335 Electronic Literature
ENGL 338 Literature and Media
ENGL 341 Literature and Visual Culture
ENGL 344 Literature and the Environment
ENGL 390 Advanced Poetry and Poetics
ENGL 391 Advanced Narrative Forms
ENGL 395 Special Topics-CreativeWriting
ENGL 400 Major Authors
ENGL 410 Topics in 20th-Century Lit
ENGL 420 Topics in Literary Theory
ENGL 490 Directed Studies
ENGL 491 Directed Studies-Creative Writ
ENSJ 105 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 120 Guitar/Bass Ensemble I
ENSJ 122 Rhythmic Music Ensemble I
ENSJ 123 Rhythmic Music Ensemble II
ENSJ 135 Jazz Ensemble I
ENSJ 136 Instrumental Ensemble I
ENSJ 140 Percussion Ensemble I
ENSJ 141 A Band I
ENSJ 142 A Band II
ENSJ 143 B Band I
ENSJ 144 B Band II
ENSJ 145 C Band I
ENSJ 146 C Band II
ENSJ 147 Percussion Ensemble I
ENSJ 148 Percussion Ensemble II
ENSJ 155 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 161 Nitecap I
ENSJ 162 Nitecap II
ENSJ 163 Capital Jazz I
ENSJ 164 Capital Jazz II
ENSJ 165 Vocal Instrumental Ensemble I
ENSJ 166 Vocal Instrumental Ensemble II
ENSJ 170 Guitar/Bass Ensemble II
ENSJ 171 Guitar/Bass Ensemble I
ENSJ 172 Guitar/Bass Ensemble II
ENSJ 185 Jazz Ensemble I
ENSJ 186 Instrumental Ensemble II
ENSJ 190 Percussion Ensemble II
ENSJ 205 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 220 Guitar/Bass Ensemble III
ENSJ 222 Rhythmic Music Ensemble III
ENSJ 223 Rhythmic Music Ensemble IV
ENSJ 235 Jazz Ensemble II
ENSJ 236 Instrumental Ensemble III
ENSJ 240 Percussion Ensemble III
ENSJ 241 A Band III
ENSJ 242 A Band IV
ENSJ 243 B Band III
ENSJ 244 B Band IV
ENSJ 245 C Band III
ENSJ 246 C Band IV
ENSJ 247 Percussion Ensemble III
ENSJ 248 Percussion Ensemble IV
ENSJ 255 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 256 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
ENSJ 261 NItecap III
ENSJ 262 Nitecap IV
ENSJ 263 Capital Jazz III
ENSJ 264 Capital Jazz IV
ENSJ 265 Vocal Instrumental EnsembleIII
ENSJ 266 Vocal Instrumental Ensemble IV
ENSJ 270 Guitar/Bass Ensemble IV
ENSJ 271 Guitar/Bass Ensemble III
ENSJ 272 Guitar/Bass Ensemble IIV
ENSJ 285 Jazz Ensemble II
ENSJ 286 Instrumental Ensemble IV
ENSJ 290 Percussion Ensemble IV
ENSJ 305 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 306 Jazz Vocal Ensemble I
ENSJ 320 Guitar/Bass Ensemble V
ENSJ 322 Rhythmic Music Ensemble V
ENSJ 323 Rhythmic Music Ensemble VI
ENSJ 335 Jazz Ensemble I
ENSJ 336 Instrumental Ensemble IV
ENSJ 340 Percussion Ensemble V
ENSJ 341 A Band V
ENSJ 342 A Band VI
ENSJ 343 B Band V
ENSJ 344 B Band VI
ENSJ 345 C Band V
ENSJ 346 C Band VI
ENSJ 347 Percussion Ensemble V
ENSJ 348 Percussion Ensemble VI
ENSJ 355 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 356 Jazz Vocal Ensemble II
ENSJ 361 Nitecap V
ENSJ 362 Nitecap VI
ENSJ 363 Capital Jazz V
ENSJ 364 Capital Jazz VI
ENSJ 365 Vocal/Instrumental Ensemble V
ENSJ 366 Vocal/Instrumental Ensemble VI
ENSJ 370 Guitar/Bass Ensemble VI
ENSJ 371 Guitar/Bass Ensemble V
ENSJ 372 Guitar/Bass Ensemble VI
ENSJ 385 Jazz Ensemble III
ENSJ 386 Instrumental Ensemble VI
ENSJ 390 Percussion Ensemble VI
ENSJ 405 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 406 Jazz Vocal Ensemble III
ENSJ 422 Rhythmic Music Ensemble VII
ENSJ 423 Rhythmic Music Ensemble VIII
ENSJ 435 Jazz Ensemble IV
ENSJ 436 Instrumental Ensemble VII
ENSJ 440 Percussion Ensemble VII
ENSJ 441 A Band VII
ENSJ 442 A Band VIII
ENSJ 443 B Band VII
ENSJ 444 B Band VIII
ENSJ 445 C Band VII
ENSJ 446 C Band VIII
ENSJ 455 Jazz Choir
ENSJ 456 Jazz Vocal Ensemble IV
ENSJ 461 Nitecap VII
ENSJ 462 Nitecap VIII
ENSJ 463 Capital Jazz VII
ENSJ 464 Capital Jazz VIII
ENSJ 465 Vocal/Instrumental Ens. VII
ENSJ 466 Vocal/Instrumental Ens. VIII
ENSJ 485 Jazz Ensemble IV
ENSJ 486 Instrumental Ensemble VIII
ENSJ 490 Percussion Ensemble VIII
JAZZ 101 Beginning Theory I
JAZZ 102 Beginning Theory II
JAZZ 116 Keyboard Skills I
JAZZ 117 Keyboard Skills II
JAZZ 130 Music Theory I
JAZZ 131 Music Theory II
JAZZ 172 Arranging I
JAZZ 174 Jazz History I
JAZZ 175 Jazz History II
JAZZ 184 Ear Training/Sight Singing I
JAZZ 185 Ear Training/Sight Singing II
JAZZ 196 Jazz Performance I
JAZZ 197 Jazz Performance II
JAZZ 230 Music Theory III
JAZZ 231 Music Theory IV
JAZZ 236 Vocal Improvisation I
JAZZ 237 Vocal Improvisation II
JAZZ 240 Form and Analysis
JAZZ 241 Counterpoint
JAZZ 250 Live Music Production
JAZZ 271 Music History I
JAZZ 272 Arranging II
JAZZ 273 Music History II
JAZZ 274 Studies in Music History I
JAZZ 275 Studies in Music History II
JAZZ 282 Improvisation I
JAZZ 283 Improvisation II
JAZZ 284 Ear Training/Sight Singing III
JAZZ 285 Ear Training/Sight Singing IV
JAZZ 296 Jazz Performance III
JAZZ 297 Jazz Performance IV
JAZZ 300 20th Century Theory
JAZZ 303 Jazz Arranging I
JAZZ 304 Jazz Arranging II
JAZZ 310 Jazz Pedagogy
JAZZ 320 Conducting and Pedagogy I
JAZZ 321 Conducting and Pedagogy II
JAZZ 322 Class Woodwinds I
JAZZ 323 Class Woodwinds II
JAZZ 324 Class Brass
JAZZ 325 Class Percussion
JAZZ 330 Music Theory V
JAZZ 331 Music Theory VI
JAZZ 336 Vocal Improvisation III
JAZZ 337 Vocal Improvisation IV
JAZZ 338 Vocal Jazz Master Class III
JAZZ 339 Vocal Jazz Master Class IV
JAZZ 370 Jazz Styles
JAZZ 372 Arranging III
JAZZ 374 Music History III
JAZZ 375 Studies in Ethnomusicology
JAZZ 382 Improvisation III
JAZZ 383 Improvisation IV
JAZZ 394 Small Ensemble V
JAZZ 395 Small Ensemble VI
JAZZ 396 Jazz Performance V
JAZZ 397 Jazz Performance VI
JAZZ 400 Special Topics in Musicology
JAZZ 401 Special Topics
JAZZ 403 Jazz Arranging III
JAZZ 404 Jazz Arranging IV
JAZZ 410 Conducting I
JAZZ 411 Conducting II
JAZZ 420 Conducting and Pedagogy III
JAZZ 422 Instrumental Pedagogy
JAZZ 423 Choral Pedagogy
JAZZ 460 Commercial Relations in Music
JAZZ 470 World Music
JAZZ 472 Jazz Arranging IV
JAZZ 494 Small Ensemble VII
JAZZ 495 Small Ensemble VIII
JAZZ 496 Jazz Performance VII
JAZZ 497 Jazz Performance VIII
PPMI 526 Jazz Guitar - Performance
PPMI 527 Jazz Bass - Performance
PPMI 528 Jazz Piano - Performance
PPMI 530 Jazz Flute - Performance
PPMI 534 Jazz Saxophone - Performance
PPMI 535 Jazz Trumpet - Performance
PPMI 536 Jazz Trombone - Performance
PPMI 538 Jazz Bowed Strings-Performance
PPMI 540 Jazz Percussion - Performance
PPMI 545 Jazz Voice - Performance
PPMI 626 Jazz Guitar - Performance
PPMI 627 Jazz Bass - Performance
PPMI 628 Jazz Piano - Performance
PPMI 629 Private Music Instruct-Perform
PPMI 630 Jazz Flute - Performance
PPMI 634 Jazz Saxophone - Performance
PPMI 635 Jazz Trumpet - Performance
PPMI 636 Jazz Trombone - Performance
PPMI 638 Jazz Bowed Strings-Performance
PPMI 640 Jazz Percussion - Performance
PPMI 645 Jazz Voice - Performance
PPMI 726 Jazz Guitar - Performance
PPMI 727 Jazz Bass - Performance
PPMI 728 Jazz Piano - Performance
PPMI 730 Jazz Flute - Performance
PPMI 734 Jazz Saxophone - Performance
PPMI 735 Jazz Trumpet - Performance
PPMI 736 Jazz Trombone - Performance
PPMI 738 Jazz Bowed Strings-Performance
PPMI 740 Jazz Percussion - Performance
PPMI 745 Jazz Voice - Performance
PPMI 826 Jazz Guitar - Performance
PPMI 827 Jazz Bass - Performance
PPMI 828 Jazz Piano - Performance
PPMI 830 Jazz Flute - Performance
PPMI 834 Jazz Saxophone - Performance
PPMI 835 Jazz Trumpet - Performance
PPMI 836 Jazz Trombone - Performance
PPMI 838 Jazz Bowed Strings-Performance
PPMI 840 Jazz Percussion - Performance
PPMI 844 Private Music Instruct-Perform
PPMI 845 Jazz Voice - Performance
PMI 060 PMI Musicianship
PMI 061 PMI Musicianship
PMI 062 PMI Musicianship
PMI 063 PMI Musicianship
PMI 100 B. Music Voice
PMI 101 B. Music Piano
PMI 102 B. Music Flute
PMI 103 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 104 B. Music Oboe
PMI 105 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 106 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 107 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 108 B. Music Horn
PMI 109 B. Music Trombone
PMI 110 B. Music Tuba
PMI 111 B. Music Timpani
PMI 112 B. Music Percussion
PMI 113 B. Music Violin
PMI 114 B. Music Viola
PMI 115 B. Music Cello
PMI 116 B. Music Bass
PMI 117 B. Music Guitar
PMI 118 B. Music Harp
PMI 120 B. Music Composition
PMI 121 MT Guitar Concentration I
PMI 122 MT Voice Concentration I
PMI 124 MT Piano Concentration I
PMI 125 B. Music Harpsichord
PMI 126 Jazz Guitar
PMI 127 Jazz Bass
PMI 128 Jazz Piano
PMI 130 Jazz Flute
PMI 134 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 135 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 136 Jazz Trombone
PMI 137 Jazz Tuba
PMI 138 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 140 Jazz Percussion (Indef. Pitch)
PMI 141 Jazz Percussion (Def. Pitch)
PMI 143 Organ
PMI 145 Jazz Voice
PMI 150 B. Music Voice
PMI 151 B. Music Piano
PMI 152 B. Music Flute
PMI 153 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 154 B. Music Oboe
PMI 155 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 156 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 157 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 158 B. Music Horn
PMI 159 B. Music Trombone
PMI 160 B. Music Tuba
PMI 161 B. Music Timpani
PMI 162 B. Music Percussion
PMI 163 B. Music Violin
PMI 164 B. Music Viola
PMI 165 B. Music Cello
PMI 166 B. Music Bass
PMI 167 B. Music Guitar
PMI 170 B. Music Composition
PMI 171 MT Guitar Secondary I
PMI 172 MT Voice Secondary I
PMI 174 MT Piano Secondary I
PMI 175 Music - Harpsichord
PMI 176 Jazz Guitar
PMI 177 Jazz Bass
PMI 178 Jazz Piano
PMI 179 Jazz Voice
PMI 180 Jazz Flute
PMI 182 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 184 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 185 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 186 Jazz Trombone
PMI 187 Jazz Tuba
PMI 188 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 189 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 190 Jazz Percussion (Indef. Pitch)
PMI 191 Jazz Percussion (Def. Pitch)
PMI 192 Jazz Accompaniment Guitar
PMI 193 Organ
PMI 194 Jazz Composition Secondary
PMI 200 B. Music Voice
PMI 201 B. Music Piano
PMI 202 B. Music Flute
PMI 203 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 204 B. Music Oboe
PMI 205 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 206 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 207 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 208 B. Music Horn
PMI 209 B. Music Trombone
PMI 210 B. Music Tuba
PMI 211 B. Music Timpani
PMI 212 B. Music Percussion
PMI 213 B. Music Violin
PMI 214 B. Music Viola
PMI 215 B. Music Cello
PMI 216 B. Music Bass
PMI 217 B. Music Guitar
PMI 218 B. Music Harp
PMI 220 B. Music Composition
PMI 221 MT Guitar Concentration II
PMI 222 MT Voice Concentration II
PMI 224 MT Piano Concentration II
PMI 225 B. Music Harpsichord
PMI 226 Jazz Guitar
PMI 227 Jazz Bass
PMI 228 Jazz Piano
PMI 230 Jazz Flute
PMI 232 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 234 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 235 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 236 Jazz Trombone
PMI 237 Jazz Tuba
PMI 238 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 239 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 240 Jazz Percussion (Indef. Pitch)
PMI 241 Jazz Percussion (Def. Pitch)
PMI 242 Jazz Accompaniment Guitar
PMI 243 Organ
PMI 245 Jazz Voice
PMI 250 B. Music Voice
PMI 251 B. Music Piano
PMI 252 B. Music Flute
PMI 253 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 254 B. Music Oboe
PMI 255 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 256 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 257 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 258 B. Music Horn
PMI 259 B. Music Trombone
PMI 260 B. Music Tuba
PMI 261 B. Music Timpani
PMI 262 B. Music Percussion
PMI 263 B. Music Violin
PMI 264 B. Music Viola
PMI 265 B. Music Cello
PMI 266 B. Music Bass
PMI 267 B. Music Guitar
PMI 270 B. Music Composition
PMI 271 MT Guitar Secondary II
PMI 272 MT Voice Secondary II
PMI 274 MT Piano Secondary II
PMI 275 B. Music Harp
PMI 276 Jazz Guitar
PMI 277 Jazz Bass
PMI 278 Jazz Piano
PMI 279 Jazz Voice
PMI 280 Jazz Flute
PMI 282 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 284 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 285 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 286 Jazz Trombone
PMI 287 Jazz Tuba
PMI 288 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 289 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 290 Jazz Percussion (Indef. Pitch)
PMI 291 Jazz Percussion (Def. Pitch)
PMI 292 Jazz Accompaniment Guitar
PMI 293 Organ
PMI 294 Jazz Composition Secondary
PMI 300 B. Music Voice
PMI 301 B. Music Piano
PMI 302 B. Music Flute
PMI 303 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 304 B. Music Oboe
PMI 305 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 306 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 307 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 308 B. Music Horn
PMI 309 B. Music Trombone
PMI 310 B. Music Tuba
PMI 311 B. Music Timpani
PMI 312 B. Music Percussion
PMI 313 B. Music Violin
PMI 314 B. Music Viola
PMI 315 B. Music Cello
PMI 316 B. Music Bass
PMI 317 B. Music Guitar
PMI 318 B. Music Harp
PMI 320 B. Music Composition
PMI 321 MT Guitar Concentration III
PMI 322 MT Voice Concentration III
PMI 324 MT Piano Concentration III
PMI 325 B. Music Harpsichord
PMI 326 Jazz Guitar
PMI 327 Jazz Bass
PMI 328 Jazz Piano
PMI 330 Jazz Flute
PMI 332 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 334 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 335 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 336 Jazz Trombone
PMI 337 Jazz Tuba
PMI 338 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 339 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 340 Jazz Percussion (Indef. Pitch)
PMI 341 Jazz Percussion
PMI 342 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 343 Organ
PMI 345 Jazz Voice
PMI 350 B. Music Voice
PMI 351 B. Music Piano
PMI 352 B. Music Flute
PMI 353 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 354 B. Music Oboe
PMI 355 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 356 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 357 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 358 B. Music Horn
PMI 359 B. Music Trombone
PMI 360 B. Music Tuba
PMI 361 B. Music Timpani
PMI 362 B. Music Percussion
PMI 363 B. Music Violin
PMI 364 B. Music Viola
PMI 365 B. Music Cello
PMI 366 B. Music Bass
PMI 367 B. Music Guitar
PMI 370 B. Music Composition
PMI 371 MT Guitar Secondary III
PMI 372 MT Voice Secondary III
PMI 374 MT Piano Secondary III
PMI 375 B. Music Harp
PMI 376 Jazz Guitar
PMI 377 Jazz Bass
PMI 378 Jazz Piano
PMI 379 Jazz Voice
PMI 380 Jazz Flute
PMI 382 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 384 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 385 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 386 Jazz Trombone
PMI 387 Jazz Tuba
PMI 388 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 389 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 390 Jazz Percussion (Indef)
PMI 391 Jazz Percussion (Def)
PMI 392 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 393 Organ
PMI 394 Jazz Composition Secondary
PMI 400 B. Music Voice
PMI 401 B. Music Piano
PMI 402 B. Music Flute
PMI 403 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 404 B. Music Oboe
PMI 405 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 406 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 407 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 408 B. Music Horn
PMI 409 B. Music Trombone
PMI 410 B. Music Tuba
PMI 411 B. Music Timpani
PMI 412 B. Music Percussion
PMI 413 B. Music Violin
PMI 414 B. Music Viola
PMI 415 B. Music Cello
PMI 416 B. Music Bass
PMI 417 B. Music Guitar
PMI 418 B. Music Harp
PMI 420 B. Music Composition
PMI 421 MT Guitar Concentration IV
PMI 422 MT Voice Concentration IV
PMI 424 MT Piano Concentration IV
PMI 425 B. Music Harpsichord
PMI 426 Jazz Guitar
PMI 427 Jazz Bass
PMI 428 Jazz Piano
PMI 430 Jazz Flute
PMI 432 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 434 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 435 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 436 Jazz Trombone
PMI 437 Jazz Tuba
PMI 438 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 439 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 440 Jazz Percussion
PMI 441 Jazz Percussion
PMI 442 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 443 Organ
PMI 445 Jazz Voice
PMI 450 B. Music Voice
PMI 451 B. Music Piano
PMI 452 B. Music Flute
PMI 453 B. Music Clarinet
PMI 454 B. Music Oboe
PMI 455 B. Music Bassoon
PMI 456 B. Music Saxophone
PMI 457 B. Music Trumpet
PMI 458 B. Music Horn
PMI 459 B. Music Trombone
PMI 460 B. Music Tuba
PMI 461 B. Music Timpani
PMI 462 B. Music Percussion
PMI 463 B. Music Violin
PMI 464 B. Music Viola
PMI 465 B. Music Cello
PMI 466 B. Music Bass
PMI 467 B. Music Guitar
PMI 470 B. Music Composition
PMI 471 MT Guitar Secondary IV
PMI 472 MT Voice Secondary IV
PMI 474 MT Piano Secondary IV
PMI 476 Jazz Guitar
PMI 477 Jazz Bass
PMI 478 Jazz Piano
PMI 479 Jazz Voice
PMI 480 Jazz Flute
PMI 482 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 484 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 485 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 486 Jazz Trombone
PMI 487 Jazz Tuba
PMI 488 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 489 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 490 Jazz Percussion (Indef)
PMI 491 Jazz Percussion (Def)
PMI 492 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 493 Jazz Organ
PMI 494 Jazz Comp. Secondary
PMI 526 Jazz Guitar
PMI 527 Jazz Bass
PMI 528 Jazz Piano
PMI 530 Jazz Flute
PMI 532 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 534 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 535 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 536 Jazz Trombone
PMI 537 Jazz Tuba
PMI 538 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 539 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 540 Jazz Percussion
PMI 541 Jazz Percussion
PMI 542 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 544 Composition
PMI 545 Jazz Voice
PMI 576 Jazz Guitar
PMI 577 Jazz Bass
PMI 578 Jazz Piano
PMI 579 Jazz Voice
PMI 580 Jazz Flute
PMI 582 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 584 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 585 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 586 Jazz Trombone
PMI 587 Jazz Tuba
PMI 588 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 589 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 590 Jazz Percussion
PMI 591 Jazz Percussion
PMI 592 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 594 Jazz Comp. Secondary
PMI 626 Jazz Guitar
PMI 627 Jazz Bass
PMI 628 Jazz Piano
PMI 630 Jazz Flute
PMI 632 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 634 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 635 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 636 Jazz Trombone
PMI 637 Jazz Tuba
PMI 638 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 639 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 640 Jazz Percussion
PMI 641 Jazz Percussion
PMI 642 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 644 Composition
PMI 645 Jazz Voice
PMI 676 Jazz Guitar
PMI 677 Jazz Bass
PMI 678 Jazz Piano
PMI 679 Jazz Voice
PMI 680 Jazz Flute
PMI 682 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 684 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 685 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 686 Commercial Trombone
PMI 687 Jazz Tuba
PMI 688 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 689 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 690 Jazz Percussion
PMI 691 Jazz Percussion
PMI 692 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 694 Jazz Comp. Secondary
PMI 726 Jazz Guitar
PMI 727 Jazz Bass
PMI 728 Jazz Piano
PMI 730 Jazz Flute
PMI 732 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 734 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 735 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 736 Jazz Trombone
PMI 737 Jazz Tuba
PMI 738 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 739 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 740 Jazz Percussion
PMI 741 Jazz Percussion
PMI 742 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 744 Composition
PMI 745 Jazz Voice
PMI 776 Jazz Guitar Secondary
PMI 777 Jazz Bass Secondary
PMI 778 Jazz Piano Secondary
PMI 779 Jazz Voice
PMI 780 Jazz Flute Secondary
PMI 781 Jazz Oboe Secondary
PMI 784 Commercial Saxophone
PMI 785 Commercial Trumpet Secondary
PMI 786 Commercial Trombone Sec.
PMI 788 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 789 Commercial Fretted Strings
PMI 790 Jazz Percussion Secondary
PMI 791 Jazz Percussion Secondary
PMI 792 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 794 Jazz Comp. Secondary
PMI 826 Jazz Guitar
PMI 827 Jazz Bass
PMI 828 Jazz Piano
PMI 830 Jazz Flute
PMI 832 Jazz Clarinet
PMI 834 Jazz Saxophone
PMI 835 Jazz Trumpet
PMI 836 Jazz Trombone
PMI 837 Jazz Tuba
PMI 838 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 839 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 840 Jazz Percussion
PMI 841 Jazz Percussion
PMI 842 Jazz Acc. Guitar
PMI 844 Composition
PMI 845 Jazz Voice
PMI 876 Jazz Guitar Secondary
PMI 877 Jazz Piano Secondary
PMI 878 Commercial Piano Secondary
PMI 879 Jazz Voice Secondary
PMI 880 Jazz Flute Secondary
PMI 881 Jazz Oboe Secondary
PMI 882 Jazz Clarinet Secondary
PMI 883 Jazz Bass. Secondary
PMI 884 Jazz Saxophone Secondary
PMI 885 Jazz Trumpet Secondary
PMI 886 Jazz Trombone Secondary
PMI 887 Jazz Tuba Secondary
PMI 888 Jazz Bowed Strings
PMI 889 Jazz Fretted Strings
PMI 890 Jazz Percussion Secondary
PMI 891 Jazz Percussion Secondary
PMI 892 Jazz Acc. Guitar Secondary
PMI 894 Jazz Comp. Secondary
PMTI 100 Voice I
PMTI 101 Voice II
PMTI 200 Voice III
PMTI 201 Voice IV
PMTI 300 Voice V
PMTI 301 Voice VI
TOUR 104 Marine Tourism& Interpretation
TOUR 111 Tourism Intro: Theory&Practice
TOUR 112 Tourism Marketing
TOUR 113 Human Resource Mgmt-Tourism
TOUR 114 Organiz Behaviour in Tourism
TOUR 116 Financial Planning in Tour I
TOUR 120 Adventure & Eco - Tourism
TOUR 131 Tourism Product Development
TOUR 133 Tourism Career Management
TOUR 134 Tourism Promotions
TOUR 135 Hospitality Operations
TOUR 137 Hospitality Operations
TOUR 140 Tourism Co-op Work Experience
TOUR 145 Tourism Work Practicum Prep
TOUR 149 Computer Appl. in Tourism
TOUR 150 Tourism Practicum
TOUR 151 Service Management in Tourism
TOUR 152 Event Administration
TOUR 154 Marketing & PR
TOUR 157 Event Production
TOUR 159 Geography for DRM
TOUR 160 Intro to Resort Management
TOUR 162 Food & Beverage Management
TOUR 165 Resort Management Co-op
TOUR 170 Park/Trail Design & Building I
TOUR 172 Park/Trail Design &Building II
TOUR 190 Destination Canada
TOUR 200 Revenue Mgmt for Tourism
TOUR 201 Tourism and Technology
TOUR 202 Strategic Marketing Mgmt
TOUR 205 Tourism Sales
TOUR 206 Directed Study in Tourism I
TOUR 208 Risk Management
TOUR 210 Strategic Management
TOUR 212 Sales and Promotions
TOUR 216 Financial Planning-Tourism II
TOUR 220 Spec Events-Tourism Generators
TOUR 221 Conference Services
TOUR 225 Entrepreneurship in Tourism
TOUR 227 Heritage Cultural&Arts Tourism
TOUR 232 Tourism Planning
TOUR 233 Cross Cultural Tourism
TOUR 249 Adv. Computer Appl. in Tourism
TOUR 250 Tourism Operations I
TOUR 251 Hotel I: Food & Beverage
TOUR 252 Hotel Operations I: Rooms
TOUR 253 Adventure Tourism Operations
TOUR 255 Adventure Leadership
TOUR 256 Adventure Programming
TOUR 261 Resort Financial Management
TOUR 301 Business Law in Tourism
TOUR 306 Directed Study - Tourism
TOUR 307 Tourism and Climate Change
TOUR 312 Tourism Marketing II
TOUR 316 Financial Management
TOUR 321 Organizational Leadership/Tour
TOUR 325 Tourism Managerial Accounting
TOUR 326 Cross-Cultural Tourism
TOUR 327 Research Methods
TOUR 328 Destination Marketing
TOUR 331 Regional Topics in Tourism
TOUR 335 Strategic Management
TOUR 341 Product Development
TOUR 342 Adv Environmental Stewardship
TOUR 343 Cultural Tourism Management
TOUR 344 International Ecotourism
TOUR 350 Quantitative Methods
TOUR 351 Tourism Consumer Behaviour
TOUR 356 Adventure Sport Even Mgmt
TOUR 371 Applied Service Mgmt in N.A.
TOUR 372 Tour & Hosp Practicum
TOUR 373 Convention Management
TOUR 374 Hospitality Operations Int'l
TOUR 400 Revenue Mgmt and Sales
TOUR 404 Travel Distribution Management
TOUR 406 Directed Study in Tourism III
TOUR 416 Applied Hotel Financial Mgmt
TOUR 422 People Mgmt - Human Rel Tour
TOUR 423 Tourism Planning and Policy
TOUR 424 Entrepreneurship in Tourism
TOUR 435 Project Management
TOUR 440 Applied Research in Tourism
TOUR 450 Tourism Operations II
TOUR 451 Hotel Operations II
TOUR 455 Adventure Tourism Economic Dev
TOUR 456 Land Use & Tourism Operations
TOUR 457 Advanced Risk Management & Law
TOUR 470 Digital Marketing in Tourism
TOUR 471 Hotel and Resort Human Capital