Tourism Management Co-operative Education Diploma

Global & Community Studies, School of Tourism Management


Program Highlights

The Tourism Management Co-operative Education program at CapU is your gateway to the tourism industry and a great choice to gain practical skills while enhancing your academic abilities.

You'll be ready to enter the workforce and make a positive impact directly after graduation with this co-op diploma. You'll learn about core tourism management functions, build connections with industry and job skills on your four-month accredited, supervised co-operative work term. You'll study electives that meet your area of interest, ranging from hotel, adventure, events, eco-tourism and tourism planning. If you're loving what you're learning then you can continue into the Bachelor degree in Tourism Management.

  • Evaluate social and environmental issues and create positive change
  • Determine and apply communication strategies appropriate to audience, purpose, and context
  • Plan, lead, organize and control resources for effective and efficient business operations
  • Implement strategies for evidence-based decision making
  • Make decisions based on the organizational structure of local, provincial, national, and international tourism industry
  • Apply effective networking practices to develop industry connections and build professional relationships
  • Exhibit an exemplary level of professional, culturally - aware interpersonal communications with a diverse audience in areas of team functioning, customer service and conflict resolution
  • Act in a way that exhibits integrity, ethics, and determination


Campus Terms Full/Part Time
North Vancouver Fall Both
North Vancouver Spring Full-Time

Tuition and Fees Per Year

Domestic Students
Year Tuition Fees Total
Year 1$4,657 $1,091 $5,748
Year 2$3,987 $1,091 $5,078
Total$8,644 $2,182 $10,826

Program Requirements and Outlines

Lower Level Required Courses

CMNS 154 Cmns In O.Recreation & Tourism 3.00 credits
ENGL 100 Academic Writing Strategies 3.00 credits
TOUR 111 Tourism Intro: Theory&Practice 3.00 credits
TOUR 112 Tourism Marketing 3.00 credits
TOUR 113 Human Resource Mgmt-Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 116 Financial Planning in Tour I 3.00 credits
TOUR 149 Computer Appl. in Tourism 3.00 credits
Lower Level Required Courses Credits Required 21.00

Lower Level Specialty Courses

REC 152 Environmental Stewardship I 3.00 credits
TOUR 133 Tourism Career Management 3.00 credits
TOUR 140 Tourism Co-op Work Experience 6.00 credits
TOUR 208 Risk Management 3.00 credits
TOUR 216 Financial Planning-Tourism II 3.00 credits
TOUR 225 Entrepreneurship in Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 233 Cross Cultural Tourism 3.00 credits
Choose 6.00 credits from the following list:

Students must either take TOUR 251 and 252, or TOUR 250 and a Lower Level Tourism Elective, or TOUR 253 and a Lower Level Tourism Elective.


Lower Level Tourism Elective (see list below)

TOUR 250 Tourism Operations I 3.00 credits
TOUR 251 Hotel I: Food & Beverage 3.00 credits
TOUR 252 Hotel Operations I: Rooms 3.00 credits
TOUR 253 Adventure Tourism Operations 3.00 credits
Lower Level Specialty Courses Credits Required 30.00

Lower Level Tourism Electives

Choose 9.00 credits from the following list:
REC 252 Environmental Stewardship II 3.00 credits
TOUR 104 Marine Tourism& Interpretation 3.00 credits
TOUR 120 Adventure & Eco - Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 135 Hospitality Operations 3.00 credits
TOUR 151 Service Management in Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 200 Revenue Mgmt for Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 201 Tourism and Technology 3.00 credits
TOUR 202 Strategic Marketing Mgmt 3.00 credits
TOUR 205 Tourism Sales 3.00 credits
TOUR 206 Directed Study in Tourism I 3.00 credits
TOUR 220 Spec Events-Tourism Generators 3.00 credits
TOUR 221 Conference Services 3.00 credits
TOUR 227 Heritage Cultural&Arts Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 232 Tourism Planning 3.00 credits
TOUR 255 Adventure Leadership 3.00 credits
TOUR 256 Adventure Programming 3.00 credits
WLP 153 Guiding Leadership 3.00 credits
Lower Level Tourism Electives Credits Required 9.00

Study Abroad

Choose from the following list:
SATO 201 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 202 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 203 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 204 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 205 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 206 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits

Important Dates


Fall 2018

Application & Document Deadline

August 7

Course Registration & Waitlisting

July 9-20

Fee Payment Deadline

August 27

NOTE: Dates are subject to change.

Admission Requirements

  • BC Secondary School graduation (Grade 12) or equivalent; or Mature Student status
  • English 12 (C) or English 12 First Peoples (C) or EDT (ENGL 100-level placement) or LPI (essay score=24, essay level=4); and Principles of Math 11 (C) or Pre-calculus 11 (pass) or Foundations of Math 11 (C) or BMTH 044 (C) or BMTH 048 (C) or MATH 096 (C) or MATH 097 (C) or Applications of Math 12 (pass) or Foundations of Math 12 (pass) or Principles of Math 12 (pass) or Pre-calculus 12 (pass) or BMTH 054 (pass) or BTEC 115 (B-)
  • Capilano English Language Requirement for students whose primary language is not English: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): paper=560, internet=83, or English Language Assessment (ELA)=145, or International English Language Testing System (Academic IELTS)=6.5 overall, and no one score less than 6, or Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)=70, or Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic)=56 or Capilano University EAP 100 and 101 with a minimum B+ grade in each course.


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