Rehabilitation Assistant Diploma

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Program Highlights

The only program in Canada where you can take training that combines occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech/language audiology therapy.

Are you looking for a rewarding and challenging career? Do you want to help people, enjoy being part of a team, and generally have a positive attitude? Most Rehabilitation Assistants are employed in acute care and rehab hospitals working with clients who need support in some area of daily living. The triple-training provided in this unique program means you could be providing physical, cognitive, communication or psychosocial support. Clients come from all demographics and range from newborns to the elderly.

  • Demonstrate application of RA Frame of Reference incorporating Plan, Do, Observe & Record
  • Demonstrate professionalism by taking responsibility for assigned tasks, using appropriate language, integrating constructive feedback and managing time efficiently
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with clients, clinicians/team members, peers and instructors through oral, written and/or non-verbal methods
  • Demonstrate mastery upon completion of RA program by achieving CGPA (cumulative grade point) of B average or better in all coursework, and credit status in 3 practicum placements
  • Acquire, demonstrate and maintain practical skills necessary to fulfill the role of a rehabilitation assistant


Campus Terms Full/Part Time
North Vancouver Fall Full-Time

Tuition and Fees Per Year

Domestic Students
Year Tuition Fees Total
Year 1$4,103 $1,091 $5,194
Year 2$4,103 $1,091 $5,194
Total$8,206 $2,182 $10,389

Program Requirements and Outlines

First Term

RADP 100 Skills in Health Care 3.00 credits
RADP 111 Principles & Practices: OT/OTA 2.25 credits
RADP 112 Principles & Practices: PT/PTA 2.25 credits
RADP 120 Growth & Development for RA 0.50 credits
RADP 121 Functional Anatomy: OTA/PTA 3.00 credits
RADP 130 Musculoskeletal Systems 1.00 credits
RADP 131 Musculoskeletal Thry&SkillsOTA 2.25 credits
RADP 132 Musculoskeletal Thry&SkillsPTA 2.25 credits
First Term Credits Required 16.50

Second Term

RADP 101 RA Therapeutic Communication 1.50 credits
RADP 113 Principles&Practices: SLP/SLPA 2.00 credits
RADP 114 Principles and Practices: RA 1.00 credits
RADP 122 Respiratory Theory&Skills: PTA 1.00 credits
RADP 140 Psychosocial/Cognitive Systems 1.50 credits
RADP 141 Psychosocial/Cognitive:OTA/PTA 2.00 credits
RADP 190 Practicum: Fieldwork I 6.00 credits
Second Term Credits Required 15.00

Third Term

RADP 210 RA Admin Support Systems 1.50 credits
RADP 230 Neurological System 1.50 credits
RADP 231 Neurology Theory & Skills: OTA 3.00 credits
RADP 232 Neurology Theory & Skills: PTA 3.00 credits
RADP 233 Neurology Theory & Skills:SLPA 1.50 credits
RADP 290 Practicum: Fieldwork II 6.00 credits
Third Term Credits Required 16.50

Fourth Term

RADP 201 Adv Communication in Rehab 1.50 credits
RADP 211 Recreation Techniques for RA 1.50 credits
RADP 240 GerontologyThry&Skills:OTA/PTA 2.00 credits
RADP 243 Audiology Theory & Skills:SLPA 1.00 credits
RADP 250 Community Integration: OTA/PTA 3.00 credits
RADP 291 Practicum: Fieldwork III 6.00 credits
Fourth Term Credits Required 15.00

Important Dates


Fall 2018

Application & Document Deadline

January 2

Course Registration & Waitlisting

July 9-20

Fee Payment Deadline

August 27

NOTE: Dates are subject to change.

Admission Requirements

  • BC Secondary School graduation (Grade 12) or equivalent; or Mature Student status
  • English 12 or English 12 First Peoples and at least 1 science (Biology 12, Physics 12 or Chemistry 12). Must have basic computer skills for PC system as evidenced by a letter from employer or teacher who can verify computer skill level.
  • Capilano English Language Requirement for students whose primary language is not English: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): paper=560, internet=83, or English Language Assessment (ELA)=145, or International English Language Testing System (Academic IELTS)=6.5 overall, and no one score less than 6, or Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)=70, or Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic)=56 or Capilano University EAP 100 and 101 with a minimum B+ grade in each course.
  • Attend an information session. Applicants assessed on the basis of an interview, academic experience, relevant work experience, individual objectives & areas of interest. Submit a resume, a handwritten letter of interest describing why you want to work in rehabilitation and why you would be an excellent candidate, 3 letters of reference from employers or responsible persons in the community one of which must certify the completed work experience. A current criminal record check is required.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written English. A program English placement test will be required.
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 50 hrs of volunteer or paid work experience with people compromised in activity or participation by disease or injury. Applicants must be in good physical health, including the ability to lift & transfer 50 lbs, as confirmed by a confidential letter from their physician. To qualify for fieldwork placements, students must have a Standard First Aid & CPR level "C" certification and TB test.


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