Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma

Global & Community Studies, School of Outdoor Recreation Management


Program Highlights

CapU's Outdoor Recreation Management students bring passion and commitment to work in adventure tourism, community and outdoor recreation, parks and conservation or experiential and outdoor education.

Connect your passion for the outdoors with a career. Through a unique curriculum combining engaging classroom study, relevant field trips and a practicum experience, students in the Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma program gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to contribute to the exciting and challenging outdoor recreation industry.

  • Recognize and participate in the commercial aspect of the Outdoor Recreation Industry
  • Be able to effectively deliver information to a diversity of audiences in an outdoor recreation contex
  • Actively participate in local and global outdoor recreation community initiatives to develop competency in a leadership role, social consciousness and a sense of responsibility
  • Analyze, adapt and apply the fundamentals of environmental and cultural stewardship as they relate to the outdoor recreation industry and to the global community
  • Apply theoretical concepts, relevant research, experience-based judgment and critical thinking to make decisions within the context of commercial outdoor recreation that meet the industry standard
  • Have a comprehensive understanding and the tools necessary for working within a sustainable and environmentally conscious outdoor recreation business
  • Demonstrate professional appearance, attitudes and behaviours appropriate to the commercial outdoor recreation industry


Campus Terms Full/Part Time
North Vancouver Fall Full-Time

Tuition and Fees Per Year

Domestic Students
Year Tuition Fees Total
Year 1$6,767 $1,517 $8,284
Year 2$2,743 $663 $3,405
Total$9,510 $2,179 $11,689

Program Requirements and Outlines

Required Courses

ENGL 100 Academic Writing Strategies 3.00 credits
REC 110 Fundamentals of Outdoor Rec 4.00 credits
REC 115 Outdoor Rec. and Natural World 4.00 credits
REC 152 Environmental Stewardship I 3.00 credits
REC 156 Nat. Hist. for Outdoor Leaders 3.00 credits
REC 222 Leadership & Experiential Educ 4.00 credits
REC 225 Entrepreneurship - Outdoor Rec 3.00 credits
REC 245 Org. Leadership for OREC 3.00 credits
REC 255 Outdoor Rec Practicum 9.00 credits
TOUR 112 Tourism Marketing 3.00 credits
TOUR 113 Human Resource Mgmt-Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 116 Financial Planning in Tour I 3.00 credits
TOUR 120 Adventure & Eco - Tourism 3.00 credits
TOUR 208 Risk Management 3.00 credits
TOUR 253 Adventure Tourism Operations 3.00 credits
TOUR 255 Adventure Leadership 3.00 credits
TOUR 256 Adventure Programming 3.00 credits
Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
CMNS 154 Cmns In O.Recreation & Tourism 3.00 credits
CMNS 174 Wilderness Leadership Cmns 3.00 credits
Required Courses Credits Required 60.00

Wilderness Leadership Skills Courses

Choose 2.00 credits from the following list:

A selection of Wilderness Leadership Skills Courses from the list below is offered in any given year.

WLP 124 Winter Skills 2.00 credits
WLP 125 Ski Touring 2.00 credits
WLP 126 Backpacking 2.00 credits
WLP 127 Mountaineering 2.00 credits
WLP 128 Rock Climbing I 2.00 credits
WLP 129 Rock Climbing II 2.00 credits
WLP 130 Rock Rescue Clinic 1.00 credits
WLP 131 Nordic Skiing I 2.00 credits
WLP 132 Nordic Skiing II 2.00 credits
WLP 133 Canoeing I 2.00 credits
WLP 134 Canoeing II 2.00 credits
WLP 135 Rafting I 2.00 credits
WLP 136 Rafting II 2.00 credits
WLP 137 Sea Kayaking I 2.00 credits
WLP 138 Sea Kayaking II 2.00 credits
WLP 139 River Kayaking Clinic 1.00 credits
WLP 140 River Rescue Clinic 1.00 credits
WLP 145 Mountain Biking 2.00 credits
WLP 147 River Kayak I 2.00 credits
WLP 148 Snow Boarding 2.00 credits
WLP 183 Selected Clinics in OREC 1.00 credits
WLP 184 Selected Courses in OREC 2.00 credits
Wilderness Leadership Skills Courses Credits Required 2.00

Study Abroad Elective Courses

Choose electives:
SATO 201 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 202 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 203 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 204 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 205 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits
SATO 206 Study Abroad - Tourism 0.00 credits

Important Dates


Fall 2018

Application & Document Deadline

August 7

Course Registration & Waitlisting

July 9-20

Fee Payment Deadline

August 27

NOTE: Dates are subject to change.

Admission Requirements

  • BC Secondary School graduation (Grade 12) or equivalent; or Mature Student status
  • English 12 (C) or English 12 First Peoples (C) or EDT (ENGL 100-level placement) or LPI (essay score=24, essay level=4); and Principles of Math 11 (C) or Pre-calculus 11 (pass) or Foundations of Math 11 (C) or BMTH 044 (C) or BMTH 048 (C) or MATH 096 (C) or MATH 097 (C) or Applications of Math 12 (pass) or Foundations of Math 12 (pass) or Principles of Math 12 (pass) or Pre-calculus 12 (pass) or BMTH 054 (pass) or BTEC 115 (B-)
  • Capilano English Language Requirement for students whose primary language is not English: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): paper=560, internet=83, or English Language Assessment (ELA)=145, or International English Language Testing System (Academic IELTS)=6.5 overall, and no one score less than 6, or Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)=70, or Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic)=56 or Capilano University EAP 100 and 101 with a minimum B+ grade in each course.
  • Resume


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