Local Government Administration Diploma

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Program Highlights

Building on the Local Government Administration Certificate and Advanced Certificate, this diploma is for students wanting to combine full-time professional work with part-time studies.

This multi-disciplinary and applied diploma will provide you with a thorough understanding of local government issues. You'll be able to identify, analyze and recommend solutions to workplace challenges while strengthening your research, communication and management skills.

All courses in the program can be applied toward the Provincial Board of Examiners certificates, which are recognized by local government employers across British Columbia.

  • Demonstrate knowledge related to four the local government core areas: administration, services, finance and law
  • Employ basic research methods and demonstrate critical analysis skills for written reports on local government issues
  • Prepare and demonstrate competency in delivery of oral presentations
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills, including leadership and conflict resolution, to deal with interpersonal and team situations
  • Integrate public interest and global perspectives into projects, situation analysis and decision making


Campus Terms Full/Part Time
Off Campus Fall Part-Time
Off Campus Spring Part-Time
Off Campus Summer Part-Time

Tuition and Fees Per Year

Domestic Students
Year Tuition Fees Total
Year 1$9,285 $1,091 $10,376
Year 2$4,446 $1,091 $5,537
Total$13,731 $2,182 $15,913

Program Requirements and Outlines

Required Courses


English, Communications or equivalent

PADM 200 Local Government Admin in BC 3.00 credits
PADM 201 Local Government Serv. in BC 3.00 credits
PADM 202 Municipal Finance in BC 3.00 credits
PADM 203 Municipal Law in BC 3.00 credits
PADM 205 Adv.Comm.Skils-Local Gov't 3.00 credits
PADM 209 Fund Local Gov't Corporate Adm 3.00 credits
PADM 305 LG Policy Analysis Skills 3.00 credits
PADM 307 Ethics for Local Gov'ts 3.00 credits
Required Courses Credits Required 27.00

Elective Courses

Choose 6.00 credits from the following list:
PADM 204 Ldrship In Local Gov Organiz. 3.00 credits
PADM 207 Managing People in Local Gov't 3.00 credits
PADM 208 Planning for Non-Planners 3.00 credits
PADM 306 Project Mgmt for Local Gov'ts 3.00 credits
PADM 308 The Successful CAO 3.00 credits

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Choose 27.00 credits of electives:

Business or Commerce credits (including Accounting, General Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, International Business, Applied Business Technology)


Humanities credits (including English, Communications, Foreign Languages, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Technical Writing)


Other Public Administration credits (including Public Management, Local Government Law, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Program Evaluation, Performance Management, Leading and Managing in the Non-Profit Sector, Economic Development, Corporate Administration, First Nations - Local Government Relations)


Science/Applied Science credits (including Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Engineering, Geography, Geology, Landscape Architecture, Math, Physics, Human Kinetics, Kinesiology)


Social Science credits (including Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Geography, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies, Community Planning)

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Elective Courses Credits Required 33.00

Important Dates

Admission Requirements

  • BC Secondary School graduation (Grade 12) or equivalent; or Mature Student status; or permission of the program coordinator
  • Capilano English Language Requirement for students whose primary language is not English: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): paper=560, internet=83, or English Language Assessment (ELA)=145, or International English Language Testing System (Academic IELTS)=6.5 overall, and no one score less than 6, or Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)=70, or Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic)=56 or Capilano University EAP 100 and 101 with a minimum B+ grade in each course.
  • Current employment in a municipality, regional district, First Nation Government, Improvement District or supporting agency.


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