• Section 35.2(5)(j) of the University Act requires the Senate to “set policies and procedures for appeals by students on academic matters and establish a final appeal tribunal for these appeals”.
  • SAC will create impartial tribunals to hear and determine appeals on grade and other academic matters and appeals regarding penalties imposed on students for academic misconduct.  SAC will also establish the final appeal tribunals for discipline imposed on students for general misconduct.

2017 - 2018 MEMBERSHIP

(Voting) Members  
Chair Lindy Tucker
Faculty Vacant                 
Faculty Paul McMillan 
Faculty Deb Jamison 
Faculty Stephanie Wells 
Faculty Don Bentley 
Staff Bacel Younan
Staff Darin Feist
Student Imroz Ali 
Student Joshua Larsen                
(Non-Voting) Ex-Officio Members  
VP Academic and Provost Vacant
Registrar Karen McCredie

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