PolicyPolicy Number  Procedure
Academic Agreements S2015-01   
Academic Freedom     S2003-01  
Academic Freedom - Ad Hoc Committee    
Academic Honours S1989-02  
Academic Integrity   S2017-05  Academic Integrity Procedures
Academic Standing S2003-03  
Access and Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities S1999-09  
Attendance S1990-01  
Cap Core Ad Hoc Committee Mandate and Structure  -  
Course Outlines and Course Approval S2009-06  
Credential and Course Criteria S2015-05  
Definition of Full-Time Student S2002-04  
Educational Qualifications S2006-02  
Faculty Emeritus.pdf S1999-06 Selecting Faculty Emeritus Recipients
Final Examinations S2017-02   
Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption  S2016-01 Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption 
Grade Change Time Limit S1990-02  
Grading Profile S2017-01  
Graduation  S2017-04   
Honorary Degrees S2010-01 Selecting Honorary Degree Recipients
Mature Student Admission  S2017-03   
Posthumous Credential S2011-02  
Prior Learning Assessment S2002-03  
Repeated Courses S2003-02  
Research Ethics Policy Research with Human Subjects S2002-01  
Senate Academic Planning and Program Review Committee Mandate and Structure S2011-01  
Senate Budget Advisory Committee Mandate and Structure S1995-07  
Senate By-law, Policy and Procedure Committee Mandate and Structure S2004-04  
Senate Curriculum Committee Mandate and Structure S1998-01  
Senate Instructional Technologies Advisory Committee Mandate and Structure S2013-04  
Senate Naming Opportunities Committee Mandate and Structure S2008-02  
Senate Nominating Committee Mandate and Structure S2009-01  
Senate Self-Evaluation Committee S2013-03  
Senate Student Appeals S2015-03  
Senate Student Appeals Committee Mandate and Structure S2015-02 Senate Student Appeals Committee Procedure
     Academic Student Appeals Application Form
Senate Tributes Committee S2009-02  
Teaching Out of Discontinued Programs S2013-02  
Transfer Credit Policy S2013-01